Restorative Yoga:  This class will ease the mental and emotional stresses that life can bring us. You will experience relaxation in supported poses with props to release muscular tension.

Gentle Yoga: This class is designed for individuals who are looking to unwind after a busy day. The class will focus on building flexibility, balance, and strength with a mixed series of postures as well as incorporating a mini gentle flow. 

Chair Yoga: Adapting the yoga practice with the use of chairs and other props. This class is designed to be safe for individuals with chronic conditions. 

Strength & Balance (Chair Assisted): This class is designed for individuals who are looking to starting a gentle progressive exercise program that will assist with balance, posture and overall body strength.

Strength & Balance ll (Chair Assisted):  Designed to improve posture, flexibility, and mobility to prevent falls. Hand-held weights, exercise bands and balls are offered for resistance. The chair is used for seated or standing support.

Cardio Strength Yoga: This is an advanced class that utilizes different exercise techniques to enhance the overall body endurance, posture and balance. Our focus is Cardio for healthy bones and conditioning heart and lungs, Strength to increase muscle mass, Yoga for flexibility, improve breathing and relax the mind.

Urban Pole Walking: These classes include a mix of 30 mins walking, 20 mins strengthening, 10 mins Yoga style stretching, and a ton of fun! Classes will meet and begin at the Wascana Mariana parking lot. Make sure to bring a water bottle!

Gentle Yoga 50+: This class is designed for individuals 50+ who are looking to restore flexibility, balance, mobility and piece of mind. A combination of practices will be introduced (yin, restorative, vinyasa flow, and Iyengar yoga) with mindfulness, breathing techniques and meditation. This combination of practices will assist with promoting functional mobility, self discovery and rebalancing of the nervous system.